Excesso de estudo é ligado a aumento de casos de miopia entre estudantes na Ásia

Especialistas dizem que mais de 90% de jovens na região sofrem de problemas de visão. Veja reportagem em inglês.

BBC Brasil, BBC

09 de maio de 2012 | 07h12

Scientists say there's been a massive rise in levels of short sightedness among school leavers in Asia. Researchers writing in the journal, The Lancet, say that almost 90% of young adults are suffering from myopia.

Reportagem: Matt McGrath

The strong emphasis on educational achievement in China, Japan and other parts of South-East Asia may be coming at a heavy price. Researchers say that hard work at school plus the lack of exposure to outdoor light is damaging the eyes of almost 9 out of 10 students - with 1 in 5 at serious risk of visual impairment and blindness.

The scientists say that young people need up to 3 hours a day of outdoor light - but many infants are also missing out as they nap during the middle of the day. Dr. Ian Morgan is the lead author of the study:

I think what's happened in South-East Asia is we've got a double whammy. We've got the massive educational pressures and we've got the construction of a child's day in a way that really minimises the amount of time they spend outside in bright light.

The scientists say that genetic factors, long thought to play a big role in short sightedness, are not as important as the environment. They point to Singapore as a place with several distinct ethnic groups, all of whom are now suffering high levels of myopia.

The authors suggest that mandatory time outdoors should be considered by educational authorities across South-East Asia as a way of dealing with the problem.

emphasis (ênfase) special importance

a heavy price (um preço alto) a high cost / a big loss

exposure (exposição) time spent being in contact with something

visual impairment (deficiência visual) idamaged sight

nap (soneca) short sleep

genetic (genéticos) connected with genes (units in the cells of a living thing that control its physical characteristics)

a big role (um papel importante)a major cause

ethnic groups (grupos étnicos) people connected by different nationalities or race

myopia (miopia) short-sightedness

mandatory (obrigatório) compulsory BBC Brasil - Todos os direitos reservados. É proibido todo tipo de reprodução sem autorização por escrito da BBC.

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