Operação policial retoma morro da Mangueira e instala UPP

Carros blindados do Exército, juntamente com soldados da PM e agentes da polícia civil do Rio de Janeiro ocuparam a comunidade da Mangueira, zona norte do Rio.

BBC Brasil, BBC

27 Junho 2011 | 06h03

Brazilian security forces occupied one of the biggest slums in Rio on Sunday, 19th June. The operation was part of a major clampdown on organised crime ahead of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Paulo Cabral reports.

Authorities in Rio launched a fresh attack on organised crime by taking over the Mangueira slum close to the city's famous Maracana Stadium.

Around 800 police and Special Forces occupied the slum without firing any shots. The Mangueira slum is home to more than one million people. The vast majority of residents co-operated fully with the authorities; they want their community pacified and free of drug dealers.

The police had pre-announced the raid, a strategy that gives criminals the chance to leave the area rather than being confronted in densely populated areas. Rio's authorities are making an effort to win the trust of those living in the slums who after decades of abuse have got used to seeing the police as their enemy.

The Mangueira is the 18th slum in Rio to be reclaimed by the authorities. But there is still a lot to be done. With hundreds of slums known as "favelas" still in the hands of organised criminals, drug dealers have vast areas in which to hide and thrive.

slum (favela) an area of a city that is very poor and where the houses are in a bad condition

clampdown (operação planejada para por fim a uma atividade ilegal) a sudden action taken in order to stop an illegal activity

organised crime (crime organizado, atividade criminosa feita por bandidos profissionais operando em grandes grupos) crime committed by professional criminals working in large groups

pacified (pacificado) brought peace to an area where there had been crime or fighting

a strategy (uma estratégia) a plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose

confronted (confrontado) dealt with a problem or difficult situation

to win the trust of (ganhar o respeito de, conseguir ser respeitado por) to get the respect of

reclaimed (tomado de volta) taken back under control of the original owners

thrive (se tornar bem sucedido, progredir) to become and continue to be successfulBBC Brasil - Todos os direitos reservados. É proibido todo tipo de reprodução sem autorização por escrito da BBC.

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